picture of Mark

Who is this puzzleguy?

Mark Danburg-Wyld has turned his life-long obsessions with puzzles and mathematics into a compulsive desire to write and solve sudoku puzzles. He first heard of sudoku in May 2005, thanks to an anglo-centric internet acquaintance. Within a week he had written his first sudoku. A month later, he had refined his technique to a point where he felt the puzzles he produced were worth sharing. This website was launched on July 2, 2005 as a result. Mark’s puzzles also occur in print publications.

A native Texan, Mark relocated to Oregon in 1999 along with his spouse Jennifer and their two daughters. At about the same time, he dropped out of graduate school and started taking actuarial exams. Mark now crunches numbers professionally for a local, non-profit health insurer in addition to recreationally crunching numbers for this website. Running this website fulfills a residual desire from his years of academia to assign problems and make people grade themselves.

If you wanted sound effects as well, you should imagine him laughing like a B movie mad scientist every time he thinks up some new variation puzzle.