First a bit of explaining: I have had a number of requests (two is a number) for an online playable version of my daily sudoku puzzles. Now, anyone who is a skilled programmer is going to recognize that I'm not a skilled programmer, so I've been putting it off, but recently decided it was time. I started by looking around at other websites that offer online playable sudoku puzzles.

I discovered three things:

  1. There are a lot of such sites.
  2. Some of them let you "syndicate" their puzzles
  3. Most of their puzzles kind of stink.

It makes sense if you think about it: programming sudoku is not difficult if you are a programmer. But if you just care about getting a program running, you might not care so much about quality control.

Not to put them all down. Some seem alright. And, just for kicks, I gathered together what I could find about syndicated sudoku puzzles here, so you can play them all for yourself.

Online Play Sudoku

from sudokuweb, this is probably the best of the bunch...

from sudokupuzz, another fairly decent version...
Sudoku from
from sudokulive, one that gives too many clues...

from yosmany, one that seems to go for minimum clue placement, so it's too hard to do online and is not symmetric...
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Printable Sudoku Puzzles

I have found two sites with syndicated links to printable sudoku, which is of course the best and most natural way to do a sudoku puzzle. The first of them is my own site.

Do Sudoku Now! has more printable puzzles for you, including variation sudoku.

[print version]

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