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6 by 6
That is a lot of sudoku! 6 cells to a side, 6 puzzles to a page, 6 by 6 sudoku will keep you (or your child!) entertained for a while! Only $2.50!
For the easy-going sudoku solver: 100 of the easier sudoku puzzles ever written. 100 "Monday level" puzzles. Only $2.50!
100 sudoku puzzles that are not too difficult and not too easy -- just right! Just $2.50!
100 more challenging sudoku puzzles, for the more experienced solver. If you can get through any one of these without "marking up" cells, you are a true sudoku genius! Hours of fun await, but bring a fresh pencil! Only $2.50!
If you enjoy the variation puzzle, this is the collection for you! 36 stairstep, 24 jigsaw, and 12 hopi blanket sudoku await you. Challenge yourself with something different, because sudoku is not just for squares! $3.50.
su dozen

144 12x12 Su Dozen puzzles. Hours of puzzling amusement! $3.50.

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